2009 (EN)

The theme chosen for this year's edition is "Intercultural Dialogue for Peace and Coexistence".

All the organizations of the 43 Countries that are members of the Union for the Mediterranean were invited to nominate individuals and organizations which carried out actions connected with the theme proposed.

Combatants for Peace is the winner of the Euromed Award 2009, bestowed on September 21st in Stockholm, on the occasion of the Forum "Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges", organized by Anna Lindh Foundation and Fondazione Mediterraneo.
Combatants for Peace is a civil movement jointly established by Palestinian and Israeli individuals, it has gained recognition for promoting a peaceful and right solution to the conflict through dialogue and non-violent means.

History in Action, a group of 55 transnational and inter-ethnic team of historians and history educators from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia who succeeded in overcoming ethnic, religious, linguistic divisions in order to elaborate a common history textbook for the region, received a special mention.

Awarding Ceremony
Stockholm, 21st September 2009