The "Conference of Mediterranean Ministers of Culture" was held in Naples.
In the final document, the proposal for a "Mediterranean Capital of Culture".
On this occasion, Michele Capasso - President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and Secretary General of the "United States of the World" - recalled the 33 years of commitment in favour of culture and Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, the role played by the Fondazione Mediterraneo in the establishment of the "Anna Lindh Foundation" and in the institution of a "Mediterranean Capital of Culture", which was decided by the 2248 participants at the Euromed Civil Forum in Naples (10-12 December 1997) in the presence - among others - of the President of the Italian Republic Scalfaro, other Heads of State and Government of various countries as well as representatives of international bodies.
"We are honoured and willing," concluded President Capasso, "to bring our contribution to this initiative, which is necessary for peace and shared development in the Greater Mediterranean and the world".