The Federazione Anna Lindh Italia, not-for-profit, shares the aims of the Anna Lindh Foundation: created in 2004 by the European Commission together with the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries.
The Federation's objective is to promote, support and implement the cultural and social interaction between Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean countries in various fields of action including: art, architecture, archaeology, environment, crafts, youth, women, human rights, migrants, crafts, employment, training, education, education, childhood, sports, interreligious dialogue, legality, music, food culture, empowerment, tradition, tourism, social solidarity, exchanges.
In particular, the Federation intends to implement initiatives in favour of young people, especially aimed at restoring their hope and confidence through the promotion of the "true",the "beautiful" and the "good”

The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Federazione Anna Lindh Italia have signed the "Manifesto of Assisi" among the first and participated in the meeting in Assisi in the Papal Hall of the Sacred Convent.
Among the interventions those of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, of the Minister of University and Research, Gaetano Manfredi and of the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. Among the promoters of the Manifesto are the president of the Symbola Foundation, Ermete Realacci, the Custos of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, father Mauro Gambetti, the director of San Francesco magazine, father Enzo Fortunato, the president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, that of Confindustria , Vincenzo Boccia, the CEO of Enel, Francesco Starace, and of Novamont, Catia Bastioli as well as the president of the Mediterranean Foundation, Michele Capasso.
"This manifesto, which then outlines a before and after for environmental policies in Italy, could not fail to start from Umbria because it is the result of the green awareness that both Assisi and this region have" said the director of the press room of the Sacro Convento, father Enzo Fortunato.
Umbria, for President Donatella Tesei, "represents a region where, by tackling these concepts, we can move from words to deeds".
January 24 in Assisi is for Realacci an appointment on the environment "stronger than that of the Davos World Economic Forum" because, he explained, "the Assisi Manifesto is a new and very Italian alliance that weaves a network between the economy, culture and research with the contribution of the best technological, institutional, political, social, cultural energies of the country ".
President Michele Capasso, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo which coincides with today's day, underlined the importance of moving from a "system of measures" to a "system of values" in which "it is absolutely essential to build an economy and a more human-sized society capable of courageously facing the climate crisis, thanks to a new alliance between institutions, the economic world, politics, society and culture"

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Federazione Anna Lindh Italia participated in the international conference on materials, energy and the environment held at the El-Oued University.
The goal was to bring together researchers, professors and industrialists interested in technological and scientific advances in materials, sustainable energy and environmental protection. This first edition intends to gather appeals from all over the world for the environment and to create a collaboration between universities and industry for the transfer of high technology. To this end, the topics dealt with have been identified precisely to best meet emergencies on a planetary scale. Among the topics covered are:

  • Topic 1: Renewable Energy Energy and environment; Phase change, energy transfer flows and processes; Optimization of energy systems; Fuel cells; Drying and porous media; Energy storage; Thermal and mass transfer; Energy management.
  • Topic 2: Modeling of materials; Evaluation of materials; Characterization and behavior of materials; Nanotechnology; Materials for energy biomaterials and the environment; Energy storage and conversion.
  • Topic 3: Mathematics in physics; Application of quantum mechanics on materials; Numerical methods and simulations applied in Technology; Operator theory and their applications in Physics of science; Boundary problems Plasma physics.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Federazione Anna Lindh Italia participated in this event which took place under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.
The city of Marrakech hosted, from January 6 to 10, 2020, the organization of this major scientific event organized by the Ministry of National Education, Professional Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Center Moroccan Civic Education in coordination with the "International Congress for School Efficiency and Improvement".
"This event is part of the implementation of the High Royal Directives which make education the second national priority after territorial integrity - said President Michele Capasso - as well as the implementation of the provisions of the framework law 51.17 which defines the characteristics of the Moroccan school, a school of equity, quality and promotion of the individual and society, and considers that its reform is a shared responsibility which depends on the concerted efforts of all”.
Thus, 1000 participants from 65 countries representing national and international bodies belonging to governmental and non-governmental organizations and interested in the education, training and scientific research sector debated on the following axes: education and empowerment young people and their qualifications with a view to strengthening their participation in social and economic development and improving quality in schools and better preparing them for the professional world, improving teaching practices, promoting the roles of decision-makers, researchers and practitioners in educational change, promotion of the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, school guidance, educational leadership and finally inclusive education for migrants and refugees. An axis has also been devoted to strengthening the governance of educational establishments through the establishment project.
Through more than 460 presentations, conferences, workshops and round tables, this edition aims to share good practices between the various participants in the field of improving the quality of education and training.
The aim of this edition was also to study the role of the school in the empowerment of young people and prepare them to participate in the social and economic development of their country, and to discuss ways of improving methods and approaches to ensure the best performances of educational establishments as well as to exchange views and experiences linked to the integration of immigrants in education systems as well as in the social fabric.
The organization of this congress in Morocco is of great importance, since it will make it possible in particular to present the strategy of the Kingdom of Morocco to reform its educational system and to discuss it with experts of international renown. It also aims to share experiences with various approaches to educational reform as well as promote the image of Morocco as a destination for investments in the knowledge economy and the consecration of Morocco's African policy by its presence not only as an economic partner, but also as an important actor in the development of education at the continental level, through the participation of 20 African countries in this edition.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo, in partnership with academies, universities and various countries around the world, presented at the Museum of PeaceMAMT, "THE REPUBLIC OF SPACE": a long-term project aimed at protecting, preserving, enhancing and promoting the heritage of humanity in the main categories.

We live in a difficult moment in our history - said the president Michele Capasso - in which the fluid dimension seems to be predominant: values, climate change, art, creativity, crafts, collective memories and much more seem to have no more meaning and everything appears at the mercy of an "anomalous" wave capable of upsetting the world by taking everything away.

To save the immense material and immaterial world heritage it is necessary to act "Beyond" and "Other": creating a real dimension outside our planet, precisely in Space, where to protect, safeguard, enhance and promote the most significant part of the assets world heritage. From artistic heritage - at risk of earthquakes, floods and climatic events - to collective immaterial memories, from the most significant documents of history to poems, from ancient knowledge to new technologies: a list nourished of things to be preserved and protected, both at an intangible and material".

On the occasion of the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Fondazione Mediterraneo  - scheduled for 2020 - the executive project and the general criteria of "The Republic of Space" will be presented in various countries.

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