Who We Are || History and Statute

The Fondazione Mediterraneo - network for dialogue among societies and culture - Moral Body monitored by the Italian Government and attended by Public Bodies and Local through its sections: ALMAMED, ACCADEMIA DEL MEDITERRANEO, EUROMEDCITY and ISOLAMED - is an international non-profit Organisation of Social Utility (Onlus) planned in 1989 by Michele Capasso and established in 1994 in Naples with the aim of promoting dialogue and peace in Mediterranean areas and all around the world. It includes specialists and internationally recognised scholars on the Mediterranean, politicians with international and diplomatic experience, and who have been involved in actions to promote dialogue and peace.

The Fondazione is composed by a Scientific Council and an International Committee.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo is legally recognised by (Statute):

  • the Region of Campania, via decree n. 11315 of the 25/03/1997;
  • the Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities, via their decree of 20/04/1999 (published in G. U. n. 113 of 17/05/1999).
  • Declarations n. 2228 of 18/05/1999 and n. 2079 of 17/11/2004 of the Region of Campania decreed it an «Institution of High Culture». States, regions, provinces, cities, local communities, institutions, universities and organisations of 38 Euro-Mediterranean countries – representing beyond 400 million citizens – have officially recognised the Fondazione.
  • the Prefecture of Naples with decree n.47554 of 17/03/2015 with which were approved the amendments to the Statute.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo began its action with an intense activity in favour of the people from ex-Yugoslavia – who suffered the biggest conflict in the heart of Europe after the Second World War - then it became a reference point to stimulate partnerships in an ever-more multicultural and globalised world, particularly among the Mediterranean, Europe and the Islamic world. It constitutes, with its partners and with its other offices (located in various countries) a Network for the dialogue among society and cultures. Further, it recognises that civil society within its member countries – including within local communities, universities, private organisations, professional orders, unions, NGOs, network associations, the media, etc. – is the key factor to progress regarding human rights, political security, culture, economy, science, sustainable development, and dissemination of information.

The Fondazione is dedicated to the realisation of a Greater Mediterranean, a concept both historical and strategic. It works in cooperation with the countries of the Middle East, the Gulf and the Black Sea in order to promote international understanding through the promotion of awareness of the social, cultural, and self-identification realities that exist in the Greater Mediterranean, encouraging closer interaction and highlighting shared interests in respect of fundamental human rights and equality between the genders. In particular, it develops human resources and intellectual cooperation in multidisciplinary fields.

During the last twenty years the Fondazione acted as an organization that is free from bureaucracy and in which every resource is invested directly in the field: the great number of partnership accords signed, and of partnerships with civil society and with institutions active in different projects - together with the actions realized (more than 3000 events in 41 Countries) - are indications of the high impact reached and of the concrete results achieved.

The Fondazione has established:

- The Maison de la Méditerranée

- The Maison des Alliances

- The Maison de la Paix

- Mamt Museum, Mediterranean Museum of Art, Music and Traditions

- Seats and Bureaux in Euromediterranean Countries

The Central Office of Fondazione Mediterraneo, and of the "Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture", is in Naples at via Depretis 130, in the historical building ex Grand Hotel de Londres. Also the "Maison de la Méditerranée" has its headquarter in the same building.

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The activities of Fondazione Mediterraneo and "Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture" are characterized by partnerships, joint ventures, collaborations and actions with Universities, Regions, local communities, cities, organisms and associations. The activities are carried out in Euro-Mediterranean areas and all around the world.

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