The Fondazione Mediterraneo have accepted the appeal by cardinal Crescenzio Sepe for a good governance and a shared development of the city and proposes the pluri-annual Programme FOR NAPOLES in order to enhance the skills and examples of good practice, through a coordinated network action.

The President Michele Capasso – who participated at the opening torchlight for the “Jubilee for Naples 2011” – convened the International Scientific Committee, representants from other seats and delegates from other networks who accepted unanimously to participate to the pluri-annual Programme FOR NAPLES which sees the Fondazione Mediterraneo at the forefront to contribute, with ideas and concrete actions, to the rebirth, the good governance and the eco-sustainable development of the city of Naples.

Concretely the Fondazione Mediterraneo will involve its international network and the experts participating in the International Scientific Committee in order to bring in international forums the main problems that afflict the citywaste, traffic, unemployment, social unrest, new poverty and new needs, mobility, parking, promotion of culture and tourism, etc... – and get operational proposals which will be published on a special web site and, therefore, available online.

Moreover, the Fondazione Mediterraneo provides the Maison de la Paix-Casa Universale delle Culture”recently opened in the heart of Naples, in piazza Municipio, with rooms on the ground floor ideal for a "Infopoint" on the Jubilee – and the Maison des Alliances” for regular meetings through which make the diagnosis of the process, identify deficiencies and proposesolutions: a database "in progress".

The Fondazione Mediterraneo, which is strongly committed to this program, also proposes the “Totem for Pace” by sculptor Molinari as symbol of rebirth of the Naples and appeals to all the "good forces and resources" of the city, starting from the "Jubilee for Naples" 2011.