On the occasion of the Turin Book Fair, the Fondazione Mediterraneo organized various events. Among the speakers were President Michele Capasso, Pia Molinari and other members of the Fondazione.
On this occasion, President Capasso recalled the longstanding relationship with the Book Fair since 1995, when the then Director Guido Accornero, accompanied by the Mayor of Turin Valentino Castellani, participated in the presentation of the multi-year programs of the Fondazione.
In the following years, the Fondazione Mediterraneo participated with its own stand at various editions of the Salone de Libro, presenting the main titles of its publishing series and organizing events with the main members of the Fondazione's scientific committee: from Predrag Matvejevic to Tahar Ben Jelloun, from Claudio Magris to Vincenzo Consolo, from Baltasar Porcel to Khaled Fouad Allam, from Igor Man to Umberto Eco and so on.
In this edition, the Foundation presented the emotional videos "La Campania delle Emozioni" and, in particular, "Pino è Terra mia", "Procida L'isola delle Emozioni" and "Napoli Città Metropolitana".
A significant moment was the presentation of the video of the thirtieth anniversary of the Foundation with the participation of men of culture, politicians and representatives of the networks with which the Foundation has collaborated in the last thirty years.