Coordinator: Michele Capasso – Fondazione Mediterraneo
Animator: Fabrizio Mangoni – Federico II University – Architect, urbanist, expert in MD.
The Mediterranean Diet is example of "living" cultural heritage and driver of social cohesion.
To appreciate the Mediterranean Diet tale as life style a lot of creative work and research is still required to make the relationship between words and things, between stories of people and products of the earth, between saying and doing, between taste and emotions. The Mediterranean Diet food has methods of processing, preservation and maturing practiced in certain territories in a homogeneous manner, according to traditional rules and protracted over time. We speak about limited yield, entrusted to the tenacity of some operators, direct farmers and entrepreneurs.
The tradition factor confers, among other things, to the productions different useful characteristics:

  • historicity (origins of local communities and their close relationship with environment and territory)
  • familiarity (memory and vocations of one's historical roots)
  • rediscovery (search for quality, taste, details)
  • excellences (peculiar organoleptic characteristics).

The narration of the MD - using all available tools and technologies –can be an indispensable tool for companies to disseminate information on food safety, production techniques, control and guarantee systems, implementation of tourism linked to the emotional paths of food.
It is also desirable to reach a "universal philosophy" of the Mediterranean Diet able to support km "0" agro-products.
An appropriate narration can enhance the role of soil in the circular economy, especially referring to the main products of the Mediterranean Diet and the diffusion of EFH (Environment, Food and Healt) methodologies that aims to promoteaging in health and the fight against obesity.
Members of the Anna Lindh Italia Federation participated.

Esperti: Rossella Galletti – Università Suor Orsola Benincasa; Roula Papadopoulou – Region of Crete; Donatella Tramontano – Università Federico II e Gens ONG; Ferdinando Gandolfi – Region Campania; Marco Dianti, Ombretta Sciandra – Province of Trento; Elena Tsangaridi (Communication Officer of Troodos Dev.Company – Unesco Global Geopark).