Totem for Peace

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The "Totem of Peace", the work of the Turin sculptor Mario Molinari, is the symbol of the "United States of the World" and represents the Peace: it was chosen in 1997 by 3,000 representatives of 181 countries and since then the "United States of the World" with the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" are spreading this universal symbol by setting up the network of "Cities for Peace".
The sculptor Mario Molinari was an artist of clear fame, sensitive to the themes of peace and dialogue between cultures, as evidenced by his numerous works and his life.
The cultural project of the "Totem of Peace" is carried out in the world by Michele Capasso: dedicated, since 1987, to the construction of dialogue as a tool for the mediation of conflicts, he combines his international experience of social and intercultural planning and planning with the professional one of architect and engineer.
Many countries have created the monumental work symbolising peace and coexistence between different peoples. Among the main ones are:


The sail that symbolizes the journey, the sea. This “Mare Nostrum” of ​​Ours which was the cradle of civilization, the scene of clashes and battles between the people who inhabited it but also and above all of the exchange of goods and knowledge. A sea celebrated in myth where Ulysses got lost, continuing to wander in his desperate search for his way back. The sail that turns red, at dawn and dusk, at departure and return in the immutable rhythm of the Universe .


The students of the Adelaide Ristori Institute of Naples, visiting the section dedicated to Mario Molinari - the sculptor of color - were fascinated by his works, the Totem for Peace and his "colorful world".
Excited the comments of the boys and girls invited to visit the Molinari House-Museum in Turin.

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Representatives from the Fiji Islands visited the United States of the World headquarters expressing appreciation for this unique initiative.
Welcomed by Secretary General Michele Capasso, it was agreed that the Fiji Islands would join the United States of the World and be hosted at the Museum of Peace with emotional videos and other illustrative material.
On this occasion, certificates of "Standard Bearers of the United States of the World" were awarded to the representatives of the Fiji Islands.

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Accompanied by Senator Giuseppe Lumia and the President of the Fondazione Caponnetto Salvatore Calleri, representatives of the Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus, institutions and networks and bodies of civil society have visited the Museum through unique emotional paths.
At the end there was the recognition and appreciation for a unique place.

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The Museum of Peace - MAMT has hosted initiatives in favor of migrants and refugees precisely to remember the emergence of a situation that is causing thousands of victims all over the world.
The current situation in the world has over 250 million migrants, of whom 22.5 million are refugees.
Especially in a historical moment in which the topic "migrants" becomes a thorny issue and US President Donald Trump would like to revoke the protection status to thousands of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries, it is necessary to act to promote integration and coexistence.
Article 1A of the 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees defines:

"The refugee is one who fearing reason to be persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group or for his political opinions, is outside the country of which he is a citizen and can not or does not want to because of this fear, make use of the protection of this country; or that, having no citizenship and being outside the country in which he habitually resides as a result of such events, he can not or does not want to return there because of the aforementioned fear ".

Precisely for these reasons, President Capasso - welcoming visitors from all over the world - has instead reiterated his concern about the conditions of those fleeing war, persecution, natural disasters, poverty.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo will participate in the 105th World Refugee Day which will take place on September 29th 2019.

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