Totem for Peace

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo – an international non-profit Organisation of Social Utility (Onlus) created in 1994 by Michele Capasso with specialists and internationally recognised scholars on the Euro-Mediterranean area, politicians of international organisations and diplomats involved in peace-building – realised important initiatives in favour of peace and shared development: among these, the creation in Naples of the “Maison de la Paix – Casa Universale delle Culture”. Many Countries and international organisations such as the United Nations, the Parliamentary Assembly of the  Mediterranean, the League of Arab States, the International Organisation for Migrations, the “Anna Lindh” Euro-Mediterranean Foundation joined this project.

The “Totem for Peace”, artwork by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari, is the symbol of the “Maison de la Paix – Casa Universale delle Culture” and it represents Peace in the World and, especially, in the Greater Mediterranean: the aim of the Fondazione Mediterraneo is to spread this universal symbol to constitute the network of the “Cities for Peace in the World”.

The sculptor Mario Molinari was a famous artist, sensitive to peace and dialogue among cultures, as it is witnessed in his works and life.

The cultural project "Totem for Peace" is carried out around the world by Michele Capasso: since 1990 he voted his life to the creation of a dialogue as an instrument for the resolution of conflicts, combining his internationally experience in social and intercultural fields with his professional carreer as architect and engineer.

The sail represents the travel, the sea. Our Sea which has been the cradle of civilisation, not only theatre of clashes and battles among peoples but also theatre of exchanges of goods and knowledge. A sea, celebrated in the myth, where Ulysses got lost, wandering in his desperate research of a way back. The sail tainted in red, at dawn and sunset, at leaving and return, following the constant rhythm of the Universe.



The Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco Don Ángel Fernández Artime accompanied by Don Horacio Lopez and the Ambassadors to the Holy See of Panama, Miroslava Rosas Vargas, and Guatemala, Alfredo Vàsquez Rivera - together with representatives of the Salesian Family, young people from the Salesian schools and migrants welcomed by the Salesians in the Family Houses, he paid homage and placed a laurel crown in front of the urn with the relics of Migrante Ignoto, housed in the monumental work "Totem della Pace" by sculptor Mario Molinari in the port of Naples.
Many young people involved in aid and solidarity activities are present.
Many testimonies: like that of Amir, who from Bangladesh came to Italy and in the oratory he found support, security and also a future.
This is a very special day,"said Don Ángel Fernández Artime," because, in addition to paying homage to the Unknown Migrant and Molinari's work, we have the opportunity to continue to write true pages together: with society, with the Fondazione Mediterraneo, with young people ".

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Mario Molinari's "Totem of peace" becomes the symbol of the Salesians of Don Bosco.
The rector major, Don Angel Fernandez Artime, in receiving the work of the sculptor Molinari on the occasion of the "Mediterranean Prize special edition 2016" attributed to him, emphasizes the importance of "positive", of living life with the "colors of hope, of Faith and Joy ".
In front of an audience of over 400 students of the Pontifical Salesian University confirms the topicality of the educational method of Don Bosco especially in the face of the great challenges of today's world.



Clementino, the well-known Neapolitan rapper, wanted to remember "in his own way" the migrants who died at sea on the occasion of the National Day of Immigration Victims.
On a visit to the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace, he underlined the commitment of many young people to help migrants.

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Elisabeth Guigou, former Minister of Justice of France, president of the Foreign Affairs Commission  of the French National Assembly and president of the “Anna Lindh Foundation”, during the visit to the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the emotional path dedicated to the sculptor Mario Molinari, has expressed great admiration for his works, especially for the joy of life that transpires from its colors. "In a time of history in which all of us, to counteract the negative and terrorism, we should strongly support the positive and what unites us-said Mme Guigou - the teaching of Molinari, sculptor of color, is precious because it makes us understand the Need to share all the colors of life and not just the greys and blacks, represented by tragedies and mourning. The "Totem of Peace" - made in 1995 by the Turin sculptor and diffused throughout the world by the Fondazione Mediterraneo-is the symbol that summarizes the joy of life and the hope of a new resurgence of peace ".

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