Totem for Peace

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo – an international non-profit Organisation of Social Utility (Onlus) created in 1994 by Michele Capasso with specialists and internationally recognised scholars on the Euro-Mediterranean area, politicians of international organisations and diplomats involved in peace-building – realised important initiatives in favour of peace and shared development: among these, the creation in Naples of the “Maison de la Paix – Casa Universale delle Culture”. Many Countries and international organisations such as the United Nations, the Parliamentary Assembly of the  Mediterranean, the League of Arab States, the International Organisation for Migrations, the “Anna Lindh” Euro-Mediterranean Foundation joined this project.

The “Totem for Peace”, artwork by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari, is the symbol of the “Maison de la Paix – Casa Universale delle Culture” and it represents Peace in the World and, especially, in the Greater Mediterranean: the aim of the Fondazione Mediterraneo is to spread this universal symbol to constitute the network of the “Cities for Peace in the World”.

The sculptor Mario Molinari was a famous artist, sensitive to peace and dialogue among cultures, as it is witnessed in his works and life.

The cultural project "Totem for Peace" is carried out around the world by Michele Capasso: since 1990 he voted his life to the creation of a dialogue as an instrument for the resolution of conflicts, combining his internationally experience in social and intercultural fields with his professional carreer as architect and engineer.

The sail represents the travel, the sea. Our Sea which has been the cradle of civilisation, not only theatre of clashes and battles among peoples but also theatre of exchanges of goods and knowledge. A sea, celebrated in the myth, where Ulysses got lost, wandering in his desperate research of a way back. The sail tainted in red, at dawn and sunset, at leaving and return, following the constant rhythm of the Universe.




The President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, the coordinator of the Project "Totem for Peace" Jacopo Molinari, the President of the Moroccan Chamber of Representatives Abdelwahad Radi, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Rudy Salles with the Vice President Francesco Amoruso, the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Delegation Antonio Martino and the Delegations of the Parliaments of 28 Countries inaugurated the Totem for Peace by the sculptor Mario Molinari situated in the place of honour in the Parliament of Rabat.

H. M. Mohammed VI, with the Government and all the Moroccan people, is honoured for this great symbol of peace which emphasizes the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco for Peace: it is a memorable day and the Totem for Peace by the great artist Mario Molinari will be for ever the sign of peace in Morocco and all over the world.

On that occasion appreciation was expressed by those present and in particular, while handing over symbolically the "Totems for Peace" from the Farnesina to the Parliament of Morocco, Mr. Antonio Martino – former Foreign and Defence Minister - stressed that the Totem for Peace represents the universal symbol of Peace in justice and freedom.

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Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Metropolitan Archbishop of Naples, blessed the “Totem for Peace” by the sculptor Mario Molinari, situated in front of the Town Hall of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio.

The impressive ceremony took place in the presence of the Mayor of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio Giuseppe Capasso, of Mrs Pia Molinari, of the President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and of civil, military and religious authorities.

“It is a significant and symbolically important moment – Cardinal Sepe said – because this symbol of peace, from this town in the heart of Vesuvius National Park, is starting its journey to the Holy Land, where it will be realized in the Holy Site of Baptism with the volcanic stones produced here ".

The importance of the “Totem for Peace” was stressed during the religious celebrations presided over by Cardinal Sepe for the Franciscan Mission, in the presence of Franciscan Friars and a delegation from Assisi.

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The President of Mostra d´Oltremare of Naples Mr. Nando Morra, The General Manager Mr. Maurizio Castellucci and the Engineer Carmelo De Rossi, welcomed the participants in the first International Peace Workshop (event organized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo).

After visiting the structure, the participants proposed to realise the Totem for Peace, by the sculptor Molinari, as a symbol of dialogue and cooperation among the peoples, in the Mostra d´Oltremare, which has embodied these values since its institution.

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