Totem for Peace

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The "Totem of Peace", the work of the Turin sculptor Mario Molinari, is the symbol of the "United States of the World" and represents the Peace: it was chosen in 1997 by 3,000 representatives of 181 countries and since then the "United States of the World" with the "Fondazione Mediterraneo" are spreading this universal symbol by setting up the network of "Cities for Peace".
The sculptor Mario Molinari was an artist of clear fame, sensitive to the themes of peace and dialogue between cultures, as evidenced by his numerous works and his life.
The cultural project of the "Totem of Peace" is carried out in the world by Michele Capasso: dedicated, since 1987, to the construction of dialogue as a tool for the mediation of conflicts, he combines his international experience of social and intercultural planning and planning with the professional one of architect and engineer.
Many countries have created the monumental work symbolising peace and coexistence between different peoples. Among the main ones are:


The sail that symbolizes the journey, the sea. This “Mare Nostrum” of ​​Ours which was the cradle of civilization, the scene of clashes and battles between the people who inhabited it but also and above all of the exchange of goods and knowledge. A sea celebrated in myth where Ulysses got lost, continuing to wander in his desperate search for his way back. The sail that turns red, at dawn and dusk, at departure and return in the immutable rhythm of the Universe .


The Totem for Peace is a symbol of peace that joins both the message of Pope Benedetto XVI of January the 1st 2010 and that of the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano of December the 31st 2009.
The master work of the "Totem for Peace" by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari was used as part of the scenario at the Rai Auditorium in Naples, during the Ephifany Concert.

The "Totem for Peace" symbolically represents the peace process: the fact that the most important cities in the world - together with many other small and big towns - have shown interest in realizing this symbol of peace, strengthens the Fondazione Mediterraneo to go on in this long and complex way, but the only one way to go: the peace.

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The “Maison de la Paix”, conceived by architect and engineer Michele Capasso, becomes a concrete project.

In 1994 Michele Capasso founded the Fondazione Mediterraneo with its main actions: the “Maison de la Méditerranée” and the “Maison des Alliances”, with the headquarter in Naples.
In the last days was presented the tird action of Fondazione Mediterraneo: the “Maison de la Paix”.

The project was proposed to the Sultanate of Oman: in Muscat (the capital) and in Salalah (near the Yemen), where President Capasso made meetings aimed at the realization of the work.

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Fondazione Mediterraneo and some tourist guides welcomed the Totem for Peace on the Vesuvius.

The work of art is by Mr. Mario Molinari, it is composed of a red sail placed on a black base and on the side there is a yellow-orange semicircle symbolizing the force of distruction, but also hope and joy for reconstruction.

Starting from the sea of Naples (symbolizing the Mediterranean) the Totem was welcomed at the mouth of the crater by graphic experts and artists.

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