Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

Women Actress of Dialogue

The Joint Action KĪMIYYA: Women Actress of Dialogue”, conceived and organized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and 12 Anna Lindh Foundation National Networks adhere to it: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Mauretania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia and Tunisia.
The action aims to gather and deepen the work done so far by formulating concrete recommendations and operational guidelines
Women are the main “promoters” of connections between civil societies: by supporting their training, education and access to new tools and modern digital technologies, it will be possible to facilitate the intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Med region, reduce migration and address the causes of conflict.
The name KĪMIYYA has been chosen because in the ancient languages of Mediterranean culture (Aramaic, Arab, Greek and other languages), it means “to embrace”, “melt”, “put together”, “meet”, “share” and “mix”.

Women researchers of prestigious research institutes of various countries gathered at the Museum of Peace - MAMT have signed the "Kimiyya Manifesto" in defense of women's rights, emphasizing the importance of women in scientific research and their fundamental contribution to the well-being of the world .

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Senator Luigi Zanda Loy signed the "Kimiyya" manifesto in defence of women's rights, expressing his appreciation for this initiative, which is part of the project of the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE, the GREAT MEDITERRANEAN and the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD proposed with farsightedness by the Fondazione Mediterraneo immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, thirty years ago.

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