Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

The AIDDA Campania association signs the "Kimiyya" poster of the United States of the World for women's rights. Led by President Carla Librera, a number of associates have adhered to "Kimiyya", strengthening the autonomous women's section of the United States of the World with their role.
AIDDA Campania is the regional delegation of the first Italian association created with the specific objective of enhancing and supporting female entrepreneurship, the role of women managers and professionals.
Founded in 1961 in Turin, it acquired legal personality and the status of Third Sector Body in 2023. It is the most authoritative reference point for women who take on roles of responsibility in the Italian economic structure and is an organisation that actively interacts and stimulates the socio-economic and cultural fabric of civil society.
AIDDA, with its 800 members, gives a valuable support and contribution in terms of ideas and experience to the female entrepreneurial and professional world, represented by small, medium and large Italian women's enterprises with a transversalitỳ in every product sector, a strong representation of family, historical, craft businesses mirroring an Italy made up of tradition, creativitỳ, excellence, qualitỳ; a priceless economic, historical and social heritage.
AIDDA is divided into 13 regional Delegations and its members represent a turnover of 12.5 billion and 35,000 employees.