2021 (EN)

Welcomed by President Michele Capasso, Alessandro Daniele and other members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Prof. Gaetano Manfredi visited part of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the "Pino Daniele Alive" section.
"This institution is a reference for Naples, Italy and Europe. When one speaks of the Mediterranean, one immediately thinks of the Foundation with its more than thirty years of activity made possible thanks to an important institutional network which I joined as Rector of the Federico II University. The section on Pino Daniele is extraordinary, it provokes a strong emotion to see his guitars, records and many personal memories. We need to share more and more the memory to preserve and enhance our soul".
These are some of Prof. Manfredi's considerations at the end of the visit.
President Michele Capasso - as well as the other candidates for the Naples City Council - showed some parts of the video of the Foundation's thirtieth anniversary and gave Prof. Manfredi a reprint of the book "THE JOURNEY OF THE LORD NOTHING" - dedicated to his father Raffaele Capasso, who was mayor of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio for 40 years and the architect of the country's reconstruction - and of the book "NAPLES THE METROPOLITAN CITY".