Michele Capasso. Edizioni Magma – Napoli 1994 (ed. it.) 17x24 – pp. 192, ill. a colori

It is the story of the mayor of a southern town, San Sebastiano al Vesuvio. A simple story, to which the passionate participation of the son-narrator adds a familiar flavor. The author, although suspicious of a justified, affectionate indulgence towards the parent, is not satisfied with his own experience to outline the personality of Mr. Niente; on the contrary, he takes care to collect testimonies and documents to form an exhaustive dossier on his father's work: Mayor for 35 years, until his death. Such a long public life of "Signor Niente" testifies to the constant pursuit of ideals that are both simple and rare at the same time: good governance, understood as the correct management of public affairs and as a mandatory guarantee of the rights and needs of the weakest; resistance to the pressures of organized crime; the involvement of the entire population in the ideal motivations and practical achievements of the municipal administration. A singular passage in this biography is constituted by the creativity of this mayor and by his autonomy of the Rules of the party power. Volpisce, in other words, the way in which the Mayor solves the problems of his community using the method of door-to-door dialogue, of frankness, even brutal, and, at the same time, of respectful understanding of the rights and opinions of others. This story is an example of what a public administrator can do when he does not lose the ideals and values ​​that are indispensable to pursue the general interest and the common good.

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