a cura di “Civilizzare l’urbano - ETS” (con Patrizia Bottaro e Massimo Pica Ciamarra) e di “NA.ME. - Istituto per le trasformazioni di Napoli Città Metropolitana” (con Pasquale Belfiore, Alessandro Castagnaro, Ottorino Celano, Massimo Clemente, Annalola Geirola, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Riccardo Rosi) con contributi di Valerio Barone (aspetti istituzionali), Michele Capasso, Livio De Santoli (energia e sostenibilità), Paolo Frascani (storia economica), Claudio Troisi (infrastrutture e mobilità) e di Gennaro Russo e Claudio Voto (Italian Institute for the Future / Center for Near Space).
Video a cura di Michele Capasso (Fondazione Mediterraneo) “verso Napoli Città Metropolitana” 2021  (ed. it.) 20x20 – pp. 80, ill. a colori - ISBN 978-88-944192-3-8

These notes are an invitation to reflect on the future of "Naples Metropolitan City": on the need to reform its institutional set-up and to outline environmental and urban transformation processes that will help it to leave behind positions in the rankings for quality of life. The data collected are certainly not exhaustive: they are the minimums sufficient to highlight glaring anomalies or contradictions that lead us to suggest how to abandon "the era of unjustified ignorance" and how to outline a suitable institutional and urban reorganization.
Again in summary form, they document how precisely in Naples - with the Framework Plan of Equipment (1974/75) - a first organic proposal was formulated on an urban scale of what will then happily be theorized in 2003 in "Five Minutes City" giving rise to principles and to techniques, first of all sporadic, which - from 2017 - begin to spread almost everywhere, from Canada to Australia and also in Europe.
In the final pages, first notes of these logics in some and very different areas of the territory of "Naples Metropolitan City"

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