The MEDITERRANEAN FOUNDATION, since its creation in 1990 immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, has taken as one of its main objectives the establishment of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD": from an intuition of Gustavo Rol.
The activities carried out over the last three decades by the Foundation - particularly in the area of the "Greater Mediterranean" - bear witness to a constant and concrete action that, precisely in these difficult times of war and pandemic, is an anchor of salvation to strengthen the spirit of peace and cooperation between peoples.
The adhesions of men and women, organisations and institutions from various countries contribute to supporting the institutional initiative by pursuing concrete objectives and effective means for the defence of the planet, respect for the fundamental rights of the human person, the coexistence of philosophies, faiths and religions, the fair distribution of goods and resources, the union of science and politics for the salvation of humanity and against all wars.


A ceremony was held at the Farnesina to designate Moez Eddine Sinaoui, Ambassador of Tunisia to Italy, as 'Ambassador of the United States of the World'.
The award was presented by Senator Stefania Craxi, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate of the Italian Republic, and Prof. Michele Capasso, Secretary General of the United States of the World.
Present at the ceremony were:

  • Inigo Lambertini, Ambassador - Head of the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic;
  • Manuela Ruosi, Head of Office I of the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic;
  • Abdelkrim Touahria, Algerian Ambassador to Italy;
  • Enas Mekkaury, Head of the Mission of the League of Arab States in Italy;
  • Alfredo Conte, Minister Plenipotentiary - Central Director for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries;
  • Raimondo De Cardona, former Italian Ambassador to Tunisia;
  • Fabrizio Saggio, Italian Ambassador to Tunisia;
  • Leila El Houssi, Professor of African History - University "La Sapienza";
  • Gualsiero Zamperini, Consul of Tunisia in Florence.

Secretary General Capasso emphasised Ambassador Sinaoui's role in supporting the aims and actions of the "United States of the World", especially at this difficult time in human history.

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The Consul of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Naples, Angelo Melone, has been designated "Ambassador"of the United States of the World and, in particular, for Africa as part of the "United States of Africa" programme.
During a ceremony at the Naples headquarters, Secretary General Michele Capasso conferred the appointment on Consul Melone together with an official letter for Dr. DENIS MUKWEGE, recipient of the "United States of the World for Peace 2022" award.

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