The Fondazione Valenzi and the Fondazione Mediterraneo have accepted the appeal by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and launched a programme of initiatives and of civil commitment for Naples. The two Foundations, recognizing a political-cultural convergence, shared values, shared aims and the essential roles of memory and of civil and social commitment, have signed a protocol of agreement, which will come into force starting from tomorrow.

The first objective is to prepare the multi-year programme “FOR NAPLES” aiming at the creation of a technical place for discussing the problems and challenges of the territory in order to contribute to the renascence of the city.
The agreement also provides that the President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and the responsible for institutional relations Claudio Azzolini will be members of the Orientation Committee of the Fondazione Valenzi and that the President of Fondazione Valenzi Lucia Valenzi and the Secretary General Roberto Race will be members of the Scientific Committee of the
Fondazione Mediterraneo.

The agreement provides for the planning and carrying out of studies and proposals on the subject of development and democracy in Naples, in Campania, in Southern Italy and in Italy, particularly with regard to the wider Mediterranean region, as well as for the planning and carrying out of studies on the transformation processes of Italy, with particular interest for the changes in social composition, economic development, social and environmental policies.
The first initiative will be “Memoriae”: the event organized for the Memorial Day, now at its second edition. This year the event, organized in collaboration with ALI Association, will be held on February 7th and will be coordinated by the journalist Nico Pirozzi, also author of the new edition of the text by Maurizio Valenzi “Italian Jews Facing Racism”, published in Tunisia in 1938.

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