Franco Rol - distant cousin, witness and main extraordinary biographer of Gustavo Adolfo Rol (inspirer of the United States of the World) - with great generosity has made 4 full-bodied volumes on a fundamental phase of Gustavo Adolfo Rol's life available for all to read online. At the same time, he has made them available in a broader horizon, which also includes the controversy on the existence or non-existence of the so-called paranormal phenomena, on which there has been a debate for centuries without there still being an effective and accepted scientific demonstration.
It took 4 volumes of over 1,800 pages in total, in addition to the 2,700 of the previous 6 (the first 3 on Rol's phenomenology classified and commented, the other 3 on mainly unpublished or little-known texts and writings and contextual analysis, from the 1940s to 1977).
These new volumes collect a huge amount of unpublished information and analysis, documentary material on Rol and not only. They also analyse the genesis of the myth, because it is a myth, of "magic Turin", which no one has previously studied carefully and which arose at the beginning of the 1970s on the wave of the parapsychology and paranormal boom following the participation of Massimo Inardi, who had met Rol and held him in great esteem, in Mike Bongiorno's "Rischiatutto".
In the intentions of the author and writer Franco Rol, these volumes will be a first great tombstone on the sepulchre of the sceptics, or rather, of the sceptic-negationists, with a CRITICISM TO CRITICISM not on the level of faith or belief, but on that of reason and a correct investigative and ultimately scientific approach.
The "Rol case" represents a formidable paradigm at the precise point of convergence between science and religion, reason and intuition, intellect and heart.

In view of the crucial issue in the defence of G.A Rol's memory, the pdf ebook version of these 4 volumes is made available free of charge now at the following links, from the author's website: