The Secretary General Michele Capasso, the Council of Ambassadors, the Governing Council with Pia Molinari and Jacopo Molinari, the International Committee, the delegates of the autonomous sections "Fondazione Mediterraneo", "Accademia del Mediterraneo" and "Almamed" and the heads of the branch offices expressed their outrage at the death of Aleksej Navalni.
"This is a defeat of democracy and freedom," said Secretary-General Michele Capasso speaking to a group of students to whom he showed a video circulating on social networks from the documentary named after him. Users are relaying a specific scene from the film in which the Russian dissident recites what could be considered his spiritual testament. "If they decide to kill me," Navalny says in the video, "it means that we are incredibly strong and we must use this power. Sitting in semi-darkness at the counter of a completely empty bar, the activist asks his followers to continue what he started: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. So do not be inactive".