The "United States of the World" organised and participated in various cities on five continents in the "57th World Day of Peace", bringing the experience of 35 years of the "Peace is Action" programme.
On this occasion, Secretary-General Prof. Michele Capasso recalled the words of Pope Francis in his message entitled: Artificial Intelligence and Peace.
"Artificial intelligence," writes Pope Francis, "must be understood as a galaxy of different realities and we cannot assume a priori that its development will make a beneficial contribution to the future of humanity and to peace among peoples. Such a positive outcome will only be possible if we show ourselves capable of acting responsibly and respecting fundamental human values such as 'inclusion, transparency, security, fairness, confidentiality and accountability'.
The themes of peace and artificial intelligence were the focus of Secretary-General Michele Capasso's start-of-year message and Father Ibrahim Faltas' appeal from the Holy Land.