The "United States of the World" and the "Fondazione Mediterraneo", present with their network for humanitarian initiatives, launch from Gaza a heartfelt appeal for an end to the war actions that began with Hamas' senseless assault on Israel.
Blind faith in force has destroyed all compassion, rejected all dialogue, and is proudly advancing in Gaza amidst the ruins and deaths of hundreds of civilians as well as in so many villages in Israel amidst the fear and casualties of more than 3,000 rockets from Gaza.
Europe and the governments of the West, just as they were mute when the holocaust of the Jews was being prepared and perpetrated, now tergiversate with empty words, waiting until, the fighting over, the victor grants them the semblance of having brokered peace. 
It is up to civil society to rise up and say enough!
To say loud and clear that human values, which are the hard-won achievement of its history and the glory of its culture, must always be respected, now and immediately, in Gaza, in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem and everywhere in the world.
"With broken hearts," say the United States of the World, "we witness yet another resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The many efforts we have made, the many appeals spread all over the world, the meetings in our headquarters in Naples with Shimon Peres, Arafat, Abu Mazen, Mubarak and other exponents of the Arab countries had led to concrete progress in the peace process. The United States of the World has always proposed itself as an institutional place for dialogue, concretely analysing prospects for resolving the conflict in order to build shared peace responses".