Elisabetta Baldi Caponnetto, widow of Judge Antonino Caponnetto, has ascended to heaven.
To all of us she was simply "Grandmother Betta," as was "Grandfather Nino."
The United States of the World and the Fondazione Mediterraneo remember a woman who had taken up her husband's meritorious and courageous battle and over the years had gone to great lengths to meet boys and girls in schools, with the aim of spreading an anti-mafia culture among the new generations.
How can we fail to remember the visit to her home to present the "Mediterranean Award for Legality" to the memory of Nonno Nino and her delicacy in placing the "Totem for Peace, the Award, among her most cherished things.
And then the many meetings, the generosity in writing the preface to the volume "La Grande Méditerranée," the meeting at the Senate with President Pietro Grasso to support the "United States of the World" and the "Totem for Peace."
His example and spirit will remain as an inspiration and motivation for all of us and for those engaged in the front lines of the fight against all mafias.