The Fondazione Mediterraneo - the protagonist of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership born with the Barcelona Process on 28 November 1995 - celebrated the second Day of the Mediterranean in various countries - in Italy in Naples, Rome, Turin and Palermo.
Mediterranean Day is celebrated on 28 November with the aim of promoting a common Mediterranean identity, fostering intercultural exchanges and embracing the region's diversity. It was also established to give greater visibility to the daily efforts of organisations and citizens to strengthen cooperation and integration in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
Mediterranean Day takes place on the anniversary of the Barcelona Process held in 1995, which marked the beginning of a shared commitment by Euro-Mediterranean countries to transform the region into a common space of peace, stability, socio-economic progress and dialogue between peoples, also leading to the establishment of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) in 2008. Mediterranean Day is celebrated in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, including the Member States of the European Union.