Since March 2020, the Fondazione Mediterraneo has addressed - through seminars, webinars and international conferences - the development of the COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences for the future of humanity.
The assessments have been rigorous and validated by men and women of science from all over the world: free and unencumbered by any relationship with politics and with global companies producing vaccines or medicines related to COVID 19.
The resulting assessments, supported by logical analysis and irrefutable evidence, will be collected in a book that will be published when the pandemic is under full control.
The emergency and the discouragement palpable in these days - which should have concluded, at least in Italy, a year marked by more than 110,000,000 vaccinations - led the Foundation to organise an international seminar on this penultimate day of the year to understand exactly how things stand.
The result is the belief that the omicron variant could be a decisive step towards herd immunity and pandemic control. Many scientists, especially British ones, then argue that those vaccinated with more than two doses may risk immunodepression and consequences over time. This is borne out by a number of articles, including one in the Italian newspaper 'La Verità' published on 29 December 2021.
President Michele Capasso anticipated that high-level meetings between opposing parties would take place during 2022 to understand the various positions and arrive at the reconstruction of the scientific truth about the Covid 19 pandemic.