The president Michele Capasso and the members of the international committee of the Fondazione Mediterraneo express their deep condolences for the disappearance of Said Margoul.
President Capasso, after recalling the relations of fraternal friendship with Said since 1988 and the collaboration in numerous peace and cooperation initiatives, drew the profile of the "dear brother Said" who died at 65 in Marrakech.
"Member of the Mediterranean Foundation and main promoter of the Marrakech office since 1997, Said flew to the sky on the day in which the editing of the docufilm that summarizes 30 years of the Foundation is completed - said the president Capasso with emotion - and together with his wife Zora and to his sons Amine and Sarra, with his wisdom and serenity, he collaborated in the main moments of the Foundation and of the Marrakech office: in particular the delicate ones concerning the dialogue between Islam and the West.
In honor of him we dedicate the 30th anniversary film of the Foundation to him, leaving the initial montage he shared “intact”. To 'brother Said' goes the homage of the members of the Foundation, the directors of the branch offices and the members of the International Committee".

At the conclusion of the commemoration, the International Committee decided to hold a room in the Museum in Said Margoul