The president prof. Michele Capasso and the prof. Maurizio Iaccarino attended the theatrical show "Winston vs. Churchill" with Giuseppe Battiston and Maria Roveran, directed by Paola Rota.
Taken from "Churchill, the vice of democracy" by Carlo G. Gabardini tells an unpublished Churchill.
Is it possible that a man alone can change the world? What makes it capable of changing the course of history, of intervening on the flow of events by modifying them? What allows him not to succumb to the gears? The ability to read reality? The context? The bravery? Intellectual strength? Giuseppe Battiston meets the figure of Churchill, brings it on stage, reinvents it, investigates the mystery of man through the magic of theater, without ever losing the powerful sense of irony. "Better to make the news than to receive them, better to be an actor than a critic." Of all this speaks the text of Charles G. Gabardini, which shows Churchill in a dreamlike present in which his whole existence is co-present and ends up speaking to us and us today with a disarming precision.
At the end of the show President Capasso proposed to perform a representation in the Churchill Hall of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and to nominate Battistoni at the next edition of the "Mediterranean Award".