The President Michele Capasso participated in the 4th International Colloquium "The Maghreb, geo-historical determinism and strategic issues" organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Political Academy Forum.
The professor Capasso presided over the second scientific session dedicated to the "Challenges of integration of the Maghreb" and took part in the third scientific session dedicated to "The Maghreb and the other" with the report "The Great Mediterranean and the Arab Maghreb".
The tendency to consider the Maghreb Union as "a geopolitical, geo-economic necessity and the hope for a sustainable economic development" (Lamrani, 2013) still persists.
Is hope for a common Maghreb future at all levels desirable? It's possible?
Three main concepts were at the base of the interview: understanding, seeing, building.
Concrete experiences of cooperation between States and civil society in the Maghreb countries can in fact be sources of inspiration to identify the areas to be exploited as priorities.
On this occasion, the titles of "Standard Bearers of the United States of the World" were awarded to young scholars and diplomats from various countries.