La Fondazione Mediterraneo e la Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto hanno costituito l’OMCOM – OSSERVATORIO MEDITERRANEO SULLA CRIMINALITÀ ORGANIZZATA E LE MAFIE – che si pone come obiettivi il monitoraggio e l’analisi di quanto succede nei paesi dell’area mediterranea affrontando con una visione geopolitica le problematiche criminali organizzate e mafiose. Compito dell’Omcom è anche quello di formare gli addetti ai lavori per metterli in grado di leggere le infiltrazioni presenti sul territorio e di informare le opinioni pubbliche del mediterraneo sui pericoli che tali infiltrazioni comportano.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo, in partnership with academies, universities and various countries around the world, presented at the Museum of PeaceMAMT, "THE REPUBLIC OF SPACE": a long-term project aimed at protecting, preserving, enhancing and promoting the heritage of humanity in the main categories.

We live in a difficult moment in our history - said the president Michele Capasso - in which the fluid dimension seems to be predominant: values, climate change, art, creativity, crafts, collective memories and much more seem to have no more meaning and everything appears at the mercy of an "anomalous" wave capable of upsetting the world by taking everything away.

To save the immense material and immaterial world heritage it is necessary to act "Beyond" and "Other": creating a real dimension outside our planet, precisely in Space, where to protect, safeguard, enhance and promote the most significant part of the assets world heritage. From artistic heritage - at risk of earthquakes, floods and climatic events - to collective immaterial memories, from the most significant documents of history to poems, from ancient knowledge to new technologies: a list nourished of things to be preserved and protected, both at an intangible and material".

On the occasion of the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of the Fondazione Mediterraneo  - scheduled for 2020 - the executive project and the general criteria of "The Republic of Space" will be presented in various countries.

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Seventh anniversary at the Museum of Peace - MAMT. This morning a large influx of visitors and students, especially from elementary and middle schools, to celebrate the "223th anniversary of the birth of the tricolor flag".
Videos, images and documents - since the first presentation of the Italian flag in Genoa in 1789 - have involved young visitors.
There are many connections through the museum's large video walls: in particular with the city of Reggio Emilia for the main celebrations in that city, where in the Prampolini square there was the flag-raising ceremony and the performance of the national anthem. Together with the civilian and military authorities of Reggio Emilia, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli underlined the importance and value of the symbols.
The inter-force training company, deployed in the square, saw the aircraft of the Top Gun Fly flight school fly over the skies of Reggio and, with the colored smoke bombs, compose the Tricolor

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The fifth of the anniversaries is dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of the death of di Piersanti Mattarella
Many students intervened in the multimedia rooms of the Museum where - in the section "The great protagonists of history" - videos, images and documents of the Sicilian politician are available.
On this occasion, pages from Giovanni Grasso's book “Piersanti Mattarella. Alone against the mafia "and the images of the program that RAI has dedicated to all the networks and radio and television broadcasts have been projected: from Sunday morning 5 January with" Uno Mattina in Famiglia "- which has reserved a space for further study at the anniversary - in the afternoon, at 17.30 with a RaiNews24 "Special"; at 11.10 pm, on the first TV on Rai1, "Speciale Tg1" told the figure of Piersanti Mattarella through the Rai Storia documentary "Piersanti Mattarella, 6 January 1980. History of a mafia crime", written by Alessandro Chiappetta and which reconstructs the context in which the crime matured, the subsequent investigations and the trial history: but, above all, he tells the human and political figure of Piersanti Mattarella with the images of the Rai Teche, the interviews released by himself and some unpublished photographs

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99 years after its birth, the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT recall Antonino Caponnetto through films, photos and stories that retrace the story of a great Italian magistrate, best known for having led the Antimafia Pool, designed by Rocco Chinnici in 1980, from 1984 to 1990. After the murder of Chinnici he took his place in November 1983.
The great nostalgia for all that has left us remains unchanged

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The 26th Anti-Mafia Summit, organized by the Fondazione Caponnetto, the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafia (OMCOM) took place at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
Speakers include magistrates Catello Maresca and Cesare Sirignano, parliamentarians Giuseppe Lumia, Mario Giarrusso and Piera Aiello, journalists Dania Mondini and Francesco Emilio Borrelli, general Giuseppe Vadalà, representatives of the judiciary, politics and civil society and the best exponents of the world fighting the Mafia.
This year's theme was "Mafia 4.0: where and what it does in Italy, in Europe and in the Mediterranean".
On this occasion the "OMCOM 2019 Awards" were presented.

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