The students of the various courses at the Istituto Musicale "Margherita di Savoia" in Naples - coordinated among others by Prof. Valentina Crimaldi - performed in the Museum's Peace Library in a beautiful concert dedicated to Ukraine entitled "NEVER AGAIN GUNS...INSTRUMENTS IN MUSIC AGAINST ALL WAR".
Before the concert, the Secretary General of the United States of the World Prof. Michele Capasso made an appeal to the young people by connecting with the city of Odessa and recommending that they act with the three "A's": Listening, Welcoming, Love.
The students were particularly attentive to the original video with the appeal to young people for the "United States of the World" made by Gustavo Rol in January 1987, which Prof. Capasso showed before the concert.
Immediately afterwards, poems by Alda Merini, Izet Sarajlic' and other poets from the Peace Library were read out.