Thirty years of history of the MEDITERRANEAN FOUNDATION (FM) seen through the eyes of its members, leaders and the outside world constitute the proof of an intuition assumed in an age where little was spoken of "Mediterranean" with the complex themes of region.
Many international institutions are noteworthy for the role of nations or for the interventions of the political leaders who participate in their meetings, while the activities and initiatives of the FM - carried out in Italy, in the Euro-Mediterranean region and in other parts of the world - stand out for the active and joint participation of government representatives, international bodies and civil society.
Over the years, the Euromed Civil Forums organized by the FM have involved hundreds of experts working together in a collaborative and collegial spirit: the SPIRIT OF NAPLES.
The FM was born in 1989 as an international non-profit organization based in Naples.
In this thirty-year period she has distinguished herself for the concreteness of the actions carried out with passion and competence to support especially the involvement of young people.