Naples has always been the city of dialogue, integration and coexistence, capable of "Thinking European" and "Breathing Mediterranean": the habit of welcoming and mutual respect, handed down from generation to generation, constitutes its main social capital and human.
Its heritage - environmental, artistic, architectural, archaeological and historical - is an extraordinary resource where major events have left their mark on its history.
The headquarters of the Maison de la Méditerranée with the Museum of Peace - MAMT, in the heart of the city, completes the ideal and exclusive site where to host the program annually "ITALY TO DISCOVER".
This resource is further strengthened by the multimedia technology present in the 5 floors of the Museum which allows emotions to be transmitted through exhibitions and events - multimedia stories about each of the Italian institutions and regions interested in the program. In particular, the rooms on the ground floor overlooking Piazza Municipio and Via Depretis, represent an "institutional showcase" that attracts visitors and students by providing them with a first and immediate information on the protagonist institution.