2021 (EN)

The president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso with Pia Molinari - member of the board of the Foundation - celebrated the 9th anniversary of the "Totem of Peace" in Iraqi Kurdistan, in Erbil.
"Nine years ago - President Capasso recalls - we met the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in Erbil, accompanied by a delegation of Ministers and by the Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein.
On that occasion, President Barzani joined the "Totem of Peace" project, ensuring the support of his country. Mario Molinari's sculptural work - Totem of Peace - was presented in several events held on the anniversary of the Halabja genocide and was recognized as a symbol to represent the martyrs of Kurdistan and, recently, the Christian ones of Mosoul.
An important recognition also in consideration of Pope Francis' recent visit to Mosul and his call to peace and interreligious dialogue of which the "Totem of Peace" is a symbol".