On 11 May, the "Cámara de Comercio Sevilla" brought together some of the most important Sevillian institutions and companies related to tourism and gastronomy in an event where the Declaration of the "Mediterranean Diet" was presented and some companies were awarded for defend, promote and preserve the values ​​of the #MediterraneanDiet.
With this ceremony, “Cámara de Comercio Sevilla” shows its interest in promoting the gastronomy of Seville and its province as a fundamental part of the economic and commercial development of the region. The goal is to enhance the "Mediterranean Diet" as an essential element of gastronomy and its impact on economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism, health, culture, rural development and sustainability.
President Michele Capasso underlined the importance of the project - coordinated by the Campania Region - and supported the importance of the "Mediterranean Diet" as a resource for the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD and for all humanity.
On this occasion, from the Museum of Peace - MAMT, the emotional video "THE MEDITRANIAN HERITAGE OF HUMANITY", conceived and directed by Michele Capasso, was previewed