The World Peace Forum (WPF) is a meeting place to analyse the problems underlying conflicts and to identify the best strategies to consolidate a coalition of shared values ​​and interests capable of securing PEACE and sustainable development.
The WPF involves the main political, economic, religious, cultural and social representatives of the various societies in order to analyse the causes of conflicts and to reform global and regional programs to secure and build a lasting PEACE with a fair distribution of resources and respect fundamental rights of the human person: in particular those of women and young people.

The Councilor for Education of the Campania Region Prof. Armida Filippelli visited the Fondazione Mediterraneo expressing appreciation for the thirty years of activity: in particular, he expressed his sincere applause for the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD" program launched in 1990 by the Foundation by a intuition of Gustavo Rol.
And it was on Gustavo Rol that the councilor Filippelli expressed his knowledge and the role you have assumed in the history of humanity.

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The president of the Mediterranean Foundation prof. Michele Capasso spoke with an introductory speech at the international conference held at the University of Fès on the theme "DIPLOMACY IN THE LIGHT OF GREAT GLOBAL CHANGES".
On this occasion, President Capasso presented the project of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.
The meeting was coordinated by prof. Abdelhak Azzouzi of the University of Fès. The young diplomats and students present asked President Capasso the following questions

  1. President prof. Michele Capasso for over 30 years you have been leading the Fondazione Mediterraneo: please describe this important action for dialogue and peace.
  2. President Capasso 30 years ago, the Foundation launched the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD program: please tell us how important it is, especially in this pandemic period.
  3. Within the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD a main role is that of the GREAT MEDITERRANEAN: tell us why.
  4. What is your personal comment on what is happening in the world and, in particular, how do you rate the world political class.

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