On Friday  4 March 2011 at  12: 20 a.m., in  the Sala Vesuvio  at  the seat of the Fondazione Mediterraneo – “Maison de la Paix” (130,  Via Depretis, Naples – 4th floor ), the official programme of the initiatives to be held in Turin for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity  was presented.

The press conference started with the greeting of Michele Capasso, president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.  Then followed speeches by:  Fiorenzo Alfieri, in charge of   Culture and of the 150th  Anniversary of the Italian Unity  at the  Municipality of Turin,  Carla Testore, for the Communication and Press Bureau of the Cultural Valorisation Consortium  La Venaria Reale  and   Prof. Pierluigi Leone de Castris, curator of the Naples section within the exhibition  “La Bella Italia”. The works were coordinated by  Roberto Race, member of the international scientific committee of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

On this occasion the project “TRICOLORED TOTEM FOR PEACE” by the Turinese sculptor Mario Molinari which is due to be realized  in Turin along  Corso Regina Margherita and   Corso Lecce, as a symbol of Peace and Unity,  was presented. During the same day,  Abdelwahed Radi, president of the Moroccan Parliament and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean handed over symbolically the Totem for Peace to the mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino:  in fact the “Totem for Peace” has been recently realized at the seat of the Moroccan Parliament.

The Totem for Peace is also the symbol of the Mediterranean Award granted every year since 1996 by the Fondazione  Mediterraneo  to political, cultural and artistic personalities who have helped start up a valorisation process of cultural differences and shared values within the Greater Mediterranean area.  Diana Pezza Borrelli (President of  the Jewish-Christian  Friendship Association, of the Political Movement for Unity - Movimento dei Focolari – of Campania) was also present  and, on 17 March in Benevento, together with  Alberta Levi Temin, she was granted the Mediterranean Social Solidarity Award 2011.

Web TVs as well as the channels that are part of the Fondazione Mediterraneo  network were connected  to the event.

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