An assembly was held in the premises of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the United States of the World entitled "From Historical Meridionalism to Differentiated Autonomy", organised by the Party of the South.
After the greetings of Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, and the opening speech by Antonio Luongo, Head of the Naples Metropolitan City of the Party of the South, Enrico Panini, former Deputy Mayor of Naples, Senator Peppe de Cristofaro, of Sinistra Italiana, Valentino Romano, Southern writer, Giovanni Russo Spena, Democratic Jurist, Sergio Marotta, UNISOB University Professor, Giacomo De Angelis, from the PCI National Secretariat, Paola Nugnes, for the Naples Metropolitan Coordination NO Autonomia Differenziata, Franco Bartolomei, National Secretary of Socialist Risorgimento.
The meeting, organised in collaboration with the Fronte Meridionalista la Riscossa del Sud and the Laboratorio del Sud, also saw the participation of representatives of these subjectivities, from Nicola Manfredelli, of the Charter of Venosa, to Loredana Marino of the Laboratorio la Riscossa del Sud and Salvatore Lucchese, of the G. Salvemini Committee. Salvemini. The proceedings were concluded by Natale Cuccurese, president of the Party of the South, who said: "the Assembly was necessary to remind us that southernism is not a political current, but simply an activity of research and historical and economic analysis on the Southern Question in order to solve it".