The Secretary General (SG) of the "United States of the World" Prof. Michele Capasso, on the sidelines of the "ALIS ON TOUR" meeting, presented the "United States of the World" and the importance of the cocnreta action carried out for 33 years for peace and shared development to the ministers and politicians present.
To Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, the SG emphasised the importance of the actions in the area of the reception and integration of migrants and refugees that the "United States of the World" has been carrying out since 1990 in cooperation with associations and organisations from the voluntary sector and civil society.
The Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Mariastella Gelmini the SG illustrated the "Towards the South" programme launched by the "United States of the World" in 1992 and aimed at rebalancing Europe in the Greater Mediterranean with a special role for Southern Italy in the areas of tourism, land and sea resources and cultural heritage.
To the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Maio, the SG illustrated the initiatives in the areas of peace and dialogue carried out by the 'United States of the World' since 1989, with the significant 'Forums' of Napolim, Marseilles and Barcelona constituting milestones for international diplomatic action.
To the Minister for Disabilities, Erika Stefani, the SG highlighted the significant initiatives carried out by the "United States of the World" since 1992 in the sphere of disability protection understood as a "transversal matter that crosses all our living".
To the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Elena Bonetti, the SG highlighted the priority actions of the 'United States of the World' in the areas of gender equality and support for families and women's work.
The importance of the United States of the World was also illustrated by the SG to a number of Under Secretaries: Assuntela Messina (Technological Innovation and Digital Transition), Dalila Nesci (South and Territorial Cohesion), Giorgio Mulè (Defence).