"As of tonight, the border is open". This announcement by the leader of the Berlin Communist Party, Gunter Schabowsky, on 9 November 1989 marked the start of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the true symbol of the Cold War, built in 1961 by the regime headed by Walter Ulbricht.
Architect Michele Capasso was in Berlin at this historic moment. He talks about it with Lilli Gruber - TG2 correspondent - and other Italians present in the "capital" city of the two Germanies.
It was on this occasion that Capasso thought that the dream of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD - proposed by Gustavo Rol in 1987 - and of the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE could be pursued.
A few days later, it was his idea to set up a foundation for the United States of Europe and the Mediterranean.