Towards a new scenario of partnership in the euro-mediterranean area. Forum Civil Euromed. A «radiograph» of the Mediterranean

Barcellona, 29-30 novembre e 1° dicembre 1995. AA.VV. Edizioni

Barcelona, 29th – 30th November and 1st December 1995. VV.AA. Edizioni Magma– FLM Naples 1997 (It.) Format 17 x 24 – pp 434 – ISBN 88 – 8127 – 011 – 0

This book is meant to be a “radiograph” of the Mediterranean. On November 29th – 30th and December 1st 1995 was held in Barcelona the Fórum Civil Euromed. For the first time more than one thousand representatives of the Civil society, coming from Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries and European Union met, in order to establish a permanent space to develop dialogue and cooperation.
The Euro-Mediterranean Conference, called by the Spanish Presidency of the European Union before the Fórum, laid the political foundations of this process. This book summarizes the Fórum contents as well as the projects worked out in order to realize the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

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