Le Cineteche dei Paesi Arabo-Mediterranei

AA.VV. ,Magma Editions- Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo, Naples march 2004; format 21x21 (en./it.), pp.121;ISBN 88-8127-034-X (it./ing)

It is positive that, despite difficulties, existing strucures for cinema conservation and dissemination have been further consolidated, and that new archives are being set up (such as the Lebanese Film Archives).

For quite some time now, many other film archives have been involved in film preservation: the Film Library of Morocco, which is part of the Moroccan Film Centre; the Film Library of Algeria, one of the oldest cinema institutions in the Arab world; the Egyptian National Film Archive, a film library established within the Egyptian National Film Centre.
The collection of data and information found in this volume represents an important effort to document the activities of Film Archives in the Arab-mediterranean world; for this reason, the operators in this sector certainly will appreciate this overview presenting how this important structures work, while pursuing the goal of preserving cinema heritage from Arab countries, and keeping it alive.


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