MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

A special remembering day at the United States of the World headquarters, which, with the Museum of Peace, created in 2016 one of the 22 museum sections dedicated to the Neapolitan musician called "Pino Daniele Alive": an entire floor with a large number of memorabilia that actually belonged to the Neapolitan singer-songwriter.
"I'm very excited," said Secretary-General Michele Capasso, "because I still have in my memory Pino's last visit to the museum when he gave me and his son Alessandro the final instructions for completing a space where emotions, memories and hopes merge into a unique and unrepeatable whole precisely because it is a museum space created with Pino and can no longer be repeated.
Pino Daniele Day 2024 was co-organised with Warner Music Italy, which on this occasion celebrated the 40th anniversary of Sciò Live, the first live album of Pino Daniele's career, with recordings made during concerts between 1982 and 1984.
In the "Vesuvius Room" of the United States of the World - where pages of history have been written for the Earth and for Peace - Radio Capital speakers Luca De Gennaro and Paolo Damasio (aka Mixo) hosted the evening. After a greeting from Pino's historic press office, Riccardo Vitanza, and Alessandro Daniele, it was the turn of Renato Tanchis, head of the Warner Italia catalogue. Immediately afterwards, there was room for each of those present for memories and testimonies enhanced by the speeches of artists such as Lucariello, La Niña, Alex Uhlmann, Maso Maso, Carmine Aymone and many other producers and guests linked to the Neapolitan artist by personal memories and anecdotes. Protagonists of the talk, some live moments in an unplugged version performed by three young singer-songwriters: Neapolitan Alessandra Tumolillo, Greta Bragoni and Rosita Brucoli. On the ground floor of the Museum there will be a space for welcoming guests. On this occasion, Paolo Damasio - an admirer of Gustavo Rol, creator of the United States of the World - and Luca De Gennaro interviewed Secretary General Michele Capasso on the United States of the World.
The event was sponsored by the City of Naples.