Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

The General Assembly of the Italian Network - attended by members of the “RIDE-aps” and members of the “Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation” - devoted a session to the analysis of the situation engendered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) with the letter of 18 August 2017. In it, a new leader of the “RIDE-aps” was appointed to replace the Fondazione Mediterraneo, elected as such by the General Assembly of 11 September 2015 and with anexpiring mandate set for 11 September 2018 (as confirmed by MAECI by letter of 23.11.2015).
Members unanimously expressed their dismay at this decision and sent a letter to the Minister Alfano with a proposal of a mediation with twoleaders.
The representative of “CO.PE.A.M.” - Ms. Paola Parri, - declares "to have confirmed the membership of CO.PE.A.M. to the RIDE association and that this does not conflict with the status that the CO.PE.A.M. he is a member of the FAL Italian Network (see signed minutes, page 12).
This was the unanimous opinion of the 26 members of the National Network, many of them members of the FAL Advisory Council and representatives of international organizations who sent a letter and an appeal to the Minister Alfano.
The lawyer responsible for the Italian Network Dr. Salvatore Calleri - President of the Caponnetto Foundation - sent a letter to the Minister requesting the implementation of the only possible solution.
In order to facilitate this solution - the appointment of two leaders, one "RIDE – aps” and the other “Anna Lindh Italy Onlus Federation”, with the allocation of resources at the “RIDE- aps” alone - the General Assembly, legitimately constituted and legitimately deliberating, has approved new "Internal Rules" that allow the immediate implementation of the proposed solution.
The General Assembly of the “Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation” met on August 28, 2017.
Many members of the Italian Network have expressed the intention to write autonomously to Minister Alfano. Details in the attached documentation.