Kimiyya ||Le Donne Attrici del Dialogo (EN)

International Conference.The International Conference was held in Naples at the Museum of Peace - MAMT:
Created and organized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo - head of the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL) - in collaboration with the National Networks of France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritania, Algeria, Albania, Tunisia, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Malta and Lithuania, this event brought together the leaders of the National Network of the FAL in Naples, representatives of 42 countries and international experts to discuss the importance of women in the process of dialogue, integration and acceptance of the others.
The President of the Republic assigned to the event the “MEDAL OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC”.
The event was held under the auspices of the European Union, the Chamber of Deputies, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, the Campania and Emilia Romagna Regions, the MunicipalityofNaples, the CONI, the Maison de la Méditerranée, the Arab Maghreb, House of Peace and Maison desAlliances.
The international conference is led by a "Comité de pilotage" formed by the leaders of 12 Euro-Mediterranean countries meeting in Naples from 12 to 15 July 2017 for the organization and contents of the event.
Great satisfaction from the women and the 150 participants in the most important initiative for women.
This was the occasion:
• 6 workshops on the main issues related to women;
• 1 training seminar on European programs that was wholeheartedly supported by the participants;
• The award ceremony of the “Mediterranean Prize for Women 2017”;
• The National Network Assembly with the participation of the leaders;
• The General Assembly of the Italian FAL Network.

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