2022 (EN)

Directly from the Museum of Peace MAMT - where for the whole day there was a continuous influx of visitors to remember Pino Daniele including Giorgio Verdelli - as every year, the artist was remembered in his city.
In fact, the sixth edition of the special Je sto vicino a te was held at the Palapartenope Theatre in Naples at 9 p.m. on 19 March 2022, featuring big names in Italian music and entertainment.
The event was experienced by all the fans of the great Pino directly in the theatre: a show with free access thanks to the City of Naples.
Conducted by Alessandro Greco and Daria Luppino, the concert, under the artistic direction of Giorgio Verdelli himself and under the patronage of the Campania Region and the City of Naples, was broadcast on Rai3.
Many artists took part, including Ron, Mario Biondi, Francesco Baccini and Negrita, but also some of the most important Neapolitan artists or those who grew up in the city: from Peppe Barra to Raiz, Andrea Sannino, Enzo Gragnaniello, Tony Esposito and Cristina Donadio. The writer Maurizio De Giovanni also spoke.
Mayor Manfredi brought greetings from the city of Naples, recalling the importance and significance of Pino Daniele.
At the Museum there was great appreciation for Michele Capasso's film "Pino è terra mia".