2022 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Anna Lindh Federation support Senator Giuseppe Lumia and the world of volunteering that, once again, is giving its best to help the Ukrainian people in their dramatic daily life, while they are under the bombs, while they fight, while they cry for the unprecedented sufferings that war always brings.
The whole world has mobilised, including Europe and Italy of course, with an extraordinary commitment, full of humanity and concrete action for peace.
The story of Senator Lumia:
"We left Sicily with a special mission: to help the community of Odessa. It is a marvellous city, rich in history and also with deep ties with Italy. It overlooks the Black Sea and is suffering the terrible gunfire from the military ships deployed in front of the port. It is difficult and risky at this time to reach.
We undertook a very long journey. We left Palermo on Thursday afternoon, crossing all of Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania to get as close as possible to this city, which is still populated, and which is running risks and experiencing unspeakable suffering.
We are loaded with medical supplies and food, selected on the basis of the requests made to us. One thing struck me most of all: the request for insulin. In just a few hours, we were able to collect a good quantity to get it to people who are in dire and vital need.
We have another goal: to open a safe humanitarian road to shift attention to this part of Ukraine, which has remained neglected until now.
We have an Italian presence that has remained in Odessa, in which the intelligent and courageous work of our diplomatic adviser stands out.
Those who know me know that it is not my custom to bring out the emotional and affective side of my character, but I assure you that there is a whirlwind of deep feelings, the kind that mark life, even for someone like me who knows how high the risk is for his commitment. And this is how the group of volunteers who set out on this humanitarian mission is experiencing it, in its own small way, as well as the group that generously and intelligently supported us in the preparations.
Yes, it is more than ever the moment of "we". In the world of mature volunteering, we think and act with this not always appreciated existential and social approach: to open up paths, to stimulate and anticipate the choral commitment, including that of the institutions and the international community.
You cannot imagine how much solidarity and willingness, in addition to that already activated by a thousand roads, has been set in motion in these hours. Odessa deserves it. All Ukrainian cities and communities deserve it. This also applies to the other wars, let us never forget, of which there are seventy and which are often left to fester in indifference".