2022 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo has launched an international appeal for peace in Ukraine and for the establishment of a United States of Europe and a United States of the World. President Michele Capasso said he was appalled by this war in the heart of Europe and that "more than 30 years of peace-building efforts seem to have been in vain". "One of the reasons," said President Capasso, "is to be found in the unpreparedness of the ruling and political classes in Europe and, in general, in the rest of the world".
The appeal highlights "a UN unsuited to the changes in our world with bureaucratic rules and vetoes that prevent real peace action; a NATO that is still a prisoner of archaic defence models; a European Union that cares so little about the rest of Europe except for economic needs and following the law of markets and merchants; a Russia that is trying to take over the place of the former Soviet Union using force and violence and all the games barely disguised by the great powers and their interests".
The Appeal concludes with a condemnation of what is happening and the following demands:
"Let us again throw a bottle into our sea with a common appeal, intended for what remains of conscience on our shores. We address these words to our friends in Europe, the Mediterranean and the world to ask them to join us and support us.

  • We condemn any military attack on Ukraine and denounce that war not only does not solve problems but increases them both in Ukraine and in Europe, in Russia itself and in the rest of the world.
  • We condemn those who ignore the will of the Ukrainian people, including by trying to remove a government democratically elected by the people to create disaffection between the real and legal country.
  • We call on the government of the United States of America and the governments of the European Union to demand forcefully and by all democratic means respect for international law, especially the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter.
  • We call on the government of Russia, a country with ancient traditions of culture and civilisation, to respect human rights and to accept the demands for democracy expressed by its people towards all and, in particular, towards a 'brother' country: Ukraine.

The governments of the West, just as they were silent when the holocaust of the Jews was being prepared and perpetrated, are now prevaricating with sanctions, even if they are strict, while waiting for the victor - when the fighting is over - to give them the appearance of having brokered peace.
It is up to civil society to rise up and say STOP!  STOP the slaughter of innocents!"

TO JOIN THE APPEAL SEND AN EMAIL TO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOR INFO: www.fondazionemediterraneo.org