2021 (EN)

At the end of the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, the inauguration ceremony of the space of the Peace Museum - MAMT dedicated to “THE CAMPANIA OF EMOTIONS” with an attached multimedia platform took place.
Welcomed by the president of the Mediterranean Foundation prof. Michele Capasso and the director of the Museum Dr. Pia Molinari were attended by the councilor of the Campania Region Armida Filippelli, representatives of the Campania Region, the Italian government, local communities, countries and international institutions.
Located on the ground floor of the Museum of Peace - MAMT and overlooking the central Piazza Municipio, the dedicated space includes two immersive rooms with large video walls and interactive screens where it is possible to see - in 4K high definition and with sourround sounds - 36 emotional videos on the great attractions cultural heritage of the Campania Region: from Vesuvius to Paestum; from Cilento to Pompeii; from the Certosa di Padula to the submerged bay; from Herculaneum to Cuma; from Capri to Ischia and Procida; from Naples to Salerno, Benevento, Avellino, Caserta; from the Amalfi Coast to the Sorrento Coast; from the Mediterranean diet to bread and the art of the pizza maker. The videos, as well as in the dedicated space, are available "Online" IN THREE LANGUAGES on 3 youtube channels and on the FB page.
The 36 videos made with high technologies have the musical bases of Pino Daniele - offered by the musician at the Museum - and are part of the "emotional heritage of humanity". The entire program is part of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD" project - proposed by the Fondazione Mediterraneo back in 1990 from an intuition of Gustavo Rol - which today finds unanimous support given the need to share knowledge and skills at a universal level to face global challenges. such as poverty, climate change, pandemics, injustices, lack of food and water, etc.
The president Capasso, moved, retraced the stages of the work carried out in an incredibly short time and handed over to all the collaborators who made it possible in just three months the realization of a choral effort, the awards of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
The "CAMPANIA DELLE EMOZIONI" program is co-financed by the Campania Region as part of the 2014-2020 ERDF (SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 3.3. - ACTION 3.3.2 - CUP B62I18000620007)