2021 (EN)

During a meeting with the president of the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni on. Tommaso Pellegrino, president Michele Capasso re-proposed from Cilento the "TOTEM OF PEACE" by the sculptor Mario Molinari, recently declared a "symbol" of the UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD.
President Pellegrino shared the high value of the symbol and thanked him for choosing Cilento as the "restart" region of the "Totem of Peace" as the symbol of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD", born in 1990 from an intuition of Gustavo Rol.
On this occasion he proposed that the monumental work can be carried out in the Villa Matarazzo of Santa Maria di Castellabate and congratulated for sharing the project with the Diocese of Vallo della Lucania, a town where the Parco del Cilento, Vallo is also located of Diano and Alburni.