2021 (EN)

At the Museum of Peace - MAMT thousands of streaming links for the celebration of the first national day in memory of the victims of the Corinavirus.
In fact, a year ago, on March 18, 2020, Italy was facing one of its first blackest days: about 3,000 victims of Covid-19 nationwide. At the same time in Bergamo, dozens of Army trucks were carrying the coffins of the dead that the city, now close to collapse, could no longer contain to the crematorium ovens of nearby cities. For the occasion, Prime Minister Mario Draghi will be in Bergamo and take part in two events: the first at the monumental cemetery and the second at the inauguration of the Bosco della memoria.
The initiative aims to "preserve and renew the memory of all the people who have died as a result of this epidemic". The proposal that received the go-ahead from Montecitorio is summarized in the unified text (AC 2451 and abb., S. 1894) consisting of 6 articles: among these there is precisely the institution, on March 18, of a National Day in memory of all the victims of the coronavirus epidemic, the possibility that the State, the Regions or local authorities, organize ceremonies, events or initiatives, in coordination with the associations concerned, especially aimed at the younger generations, to favor the moment of remembrance and that the educational activities organized by educational institutions to promote understanding and learning of the issues related to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and the international commitment to its containment.